Damage from Straight Line Winds

  Straight line winds, such as those in today’s warning for the Morristown, TN area, do pose a risk to your flat roof.  The damage from these winds generally occurs in one direction – a straight path – and can potentially be more severe than that of a tornado. Roofs can be at risk for … Continue reading

Thermal Shock

Roofs are responsive by design. They react to temperature changes. Days are warmer than nights, so the roofs expand when it is warm and contract when it is cold. Generally the relative movement from the daily high to the daily low is minor, and takes a significant amount of time for the roof to lose … Continue reading

Delivering Solutions that WORK.

Regardless of the type of facility, draw on the experience of LaFerney Commercial Roofing to deliver the optimal solution for your roofing needs. LaFerney focuses only on commercial buildings with low-slope and flat roofs, increasing our expertise. With more than 35 years in business, LaFerney Commercial Roofing is confident in its ability to find the … Continue reading

EPDM Seam Failure

This photo came in from a roof inspection. The composition is beautiful, but the separating seam (adhesive failure) is not. This is a high risk for leaks. Those little droplets of water can find their way into that opening. Conversion to vapor can stretch the seam even further apart, allowing the water to penetrate deeper … Continue reading

An Ounce of Prevention – Easy Fall Maintenance Tips for Flat Roofs.

An ounce of prevention… We’ve all heard it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When it comes to roofing, that adage is true. Taking some simple steps seasonally will deter preventable problems by saving you money down the road and extending the life of your roof.  Fall is a great time … Continue reading

Think you can’t reroof when school is in session? Think again.

Often the summer break gets away from us. Before we know it school is back in session and it’s fall.  Isn’t that a bad time to install a roof – students in the building and cool weather?  While that may be true for most roofing companies, LaFerney Commercial Roofing has a solution. LaFerney Commercial Roofing … Continue reading

Time Value of Money

As a business/property owner, your time is just as valuable as your money.  When making investments, it is natural to look at the return on investment and if the investment will make (or save) money. The same is true with a roof. Let’s go back to the basics. You have $10,000 right now. Do you … Continue reading

Metal Roof Retrofit Option

Another Quality Solution No messy and dangerous tear off… No disruption to daily operations… It can be done. LaFerney Commercial Roofing does it every day. In fact, the majority of the roofs we install can go right over your existing roof. This saves money and time.   The photo above is an industrial facility which contacted … Continue reading

What our customers say…

Proposal Details “While evaluating the different roofing contractors, I asked for a great deal of information because I wanted to understand what I was buying. LaFerney’s personnel not only took the time to educate me about roofing, but took me to different locations where they installed roofs throughout the last 10 years. From the beginning, … Continue reading