Metal Retro-fit Roofs

A Simple Solution to a Deteriorated or Leaky Metal Roof


Metal roofs are frequently weakened by the elements – hot and cold temperatures, temperature changes, rust, and corrosion. Once the integrity of the metal is compromised the risk of leaks increases. In addition to increased risk or occurrence of leaks, the maintenance costs to combat leaks rise.
Common metal roof issues:
  • Loose seams and cracked penetrations are often culprits for leaks. Metal roofs naturally expand and contract with temperature changes. The rigid metal sheets are held together by fasteners. The natural expansion and contraction of the metal causes the screws and fasteners to loosen over time, the metal will pull at seams, and lead to crack formation around stacks and other penetrations.
  • Snow, rain and ponding water eventually lead to rust and corrosion on metal. Rust and corrosion lead to holes in the metal.
  • If the metal roof is not adequately insulated, cold temperatures can cause condensation on the inside of the metal. This can cause leaks inside the building – even when it is dry outside.
Options for metal roofs:
  • Sealing and coating is always an option for metal roof repair. It is inexpensive to reseal exposed seams and apply a waterproof coating. However, this is only a temporary fix. It protects against corrosion only, and as the metal continues to expand and contract, the new seal and coating will rupture.
  • Spray-on foam is another option. However, this creates an irregular surface which can hold water. This is why most warranties for spray-on foam do not cover damage caused by ponding water
  • Replacing the roof is the third option. Replacement with a new metal roof solves the immediate problem, until the cycle begins again. Metal roof installation also causes disruption to daily operations of your business which can cause safety hazards, and can lead to exposure of the interior to the elements during installation.
Benefits of a retro-fit:
LaFerney Commercial Roofing offers a solution to all of these issues and more.
  • A membrane roof system can be applied directly over the existing metal roof.
  • No tearing off of the metal. No landfill or waste hauling fees.
  • Minimal noise and heavy equipment – in fact, in many cases only a boom truck is used to access the roof.
  • In most instances, daily operations may continue as normal.
  • No exposure of interior of building or its contents.
  • Enjoy all of the energy-savings benefits of a high-quality PVC roofing system.


Whether it is preventative maintenance, repairs, or a new roof, LaFerney Commercial Roofing is here to help you find the right solution for your roofing needs. Emergency Service is available by calling 1-800-633-3119.
4 Responses to “Metal Retro-fit Roofs”
  1. Bo Hamby says:

    I’m a roofer but I focus mainly on pitched roofs. Great article on repairs. Thanks!

  2. I agree, retro-fitting a commercial metal roof is definitely a more Eco-Friendly way to do that type of roof repair…and the energy efficiency benefits are a plus for the owner as well…good read!

  3. I agree retro-fitting a commercial metal roof is the way to go. Eco-friendly and energy efficient…nice read!

  4. Rokon Ahmed says:

    Thanks for taking the time to talk about this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If feasible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more selective information? It is exceedingly helpful for me.

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