Nearly Invisible Installation.

workmanship18Clients frequently cite the need for minimal disruption and inconvenience for the building occupants as a top concern when facing a roof recovery project. LaFerney Commercial Roofing offers just that – a convenient, minimally intrusive installation, which generally allows for business as usual to continue. With no loud equipment or noxious odors, the occupants are not disturbed. This practice saves time, money, and frustrations. The project concludes with a cost-effective, leak-eliminating, roof in place and one of the best warranties in the business.


The needs of LaFerney Commercial Roofing’s customers come first. Customer satisfaction and safety are priorities. The LaFerney team meets with the customer prior to the installation to address any concerns and to prepare to meet any safety requirements outside of the high LaFerney standards. Any roofing company can install a roof, but LaFerney Commercial Roofing does so with knowledge, experience, and integrity.


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