Ponding Water – The Grinch that voided your warranty.

Water remaining on your roof for more than 48 hours after a rain ends is ponding water by definition of the National Roofing Contractors Association. This remaining water is one of the most damaging things effecting the life cycle of a flat roof. Even when code requirements are met, some slope is lost due to components suspended from the roofing joints and roof top equipment such as HVAC units.
ponding water on roof

Severe ponding water.

Ponding water can deteriorate the roofing surface. In some instances, organic matter thrives in the ponding water using the roofing adhesive as a food source (see photo).
The existence of ponding water will void warranties from most roofing material manufacturers. LaFerney Commercial Roofing offers single-ply membrane roofing systems with 15 and 20 year No Dollar Limit warranties unaffected by ponding water. Other options are available when dealing with ponding water issues. Contact LaFerney Commercial Roofing for a free roof evaluation, solution options, and a free estimate. (800) 633-3119
2 Responses to “Ponding Water – The Grinch that voided your warranty.”
  1. Bo Hamby says:

    Nice point on the ponding. Great article. Thanks.

  2. asap roofing says:

    Many homeowners don’t realize what ponding water, on the roof will do to the life of the roof. This is a great a article!

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