The Perfect Fit for Metal Retro-fit…


There are good reasons to select metal roofing, including an initial lower installation cost and excellent fire protection. However, time does impact metal roofs. Exposure to the elements and temperature changes lead to rust and corrosion, which can compromise the integrity of the roof. It is not uncommon for metal roofs over a few years old to have some leaks and escalating maintenance or repair costs.

Common Metal Roof Problems:
Metal roofs are susceptible to a number of problems which lead to leaks and higher repair costs. This results in the need for larger maintenance and repair budgets. Some of the problems are:

  • Loose seams and cracked penetrations – As the metal roof panels expand and contract with the weather, the rigid sheets will pull at seams and fasteners causing cracks to form – frequently around penetrations.
  • Rust and corrosion – Moisture from snow, rain, and ponding water eventually leads to rust and corrosion forming and the appearance of holes.
  • Interior drips – If metal is inadequately insulated, colder temperatures can cause condensation to form on the underside of the metal. This can cause dripping inside, even when it is dry outside.
  • Ice build-up – Build-up of ice in a gutter can reduce its effectiveness, causing a back-up during a thaw, and allowing more moisture to enter through roof seams.


Some Solutions:
Several solutions are available, each with pros and cons.

  • Sealing and coating- This is the least expensive option. Sealing and coating involved resealing exposed seams and applying a waterproof coating. This only provides temporary protection against rain. The metal will continue to expand and contract, eventually rupturing the seal.
  • Spray-on foam and sealant – Another option is to spray the roof with a urethane foam and then apply a sealant. This protects against rain and interior drips, but the irregular surface collects water. Warranties for this solution do not cover damages from ponding water.
  • Roof replacement – A third option is to replace the roof with new insulation and metal. This only solves the problems until they begin again. This is costly and inconvenient with heavy equipment, internal exposure to elements, and disruptions to daily operations during installation.

There is another option.

LaFerney Commercial Roofing offers a retro-fit in the form of a durable single-ply membrane that fits over your existing metal roof. No messy tear-off is required in most instances.

One of LaFerney Commercial Roofing’s trained consultants will evaluate the condition and performance requirements of the roof and design a custom plan to meet the facility’s roofing needs. This plan will include all accessories and edge details. The entire roof will be pre-fabricated in the United States based on the measurements of the roof for seamless integration. The majority of the seams are sealed at the factory under ideal controlled conditions. This eliminates the risk of leaks by 85%. The metal flutes will be filled with appropriate insulation and another layer will completely cover the metal roof. The custom-made singly-ply membrane system will be unrolled and mechanically attached to the roofing deck. Sections for penetrations are heat-welded on site to produce a monolithic roofing system. This is a safe and simple process. Minimal equipment is used and no noxious odors or dangerous chemicals will be experienced. With no tear-off requried, the building may remain open for business as usual. With no loud noises, daily activities will be able
to continue.

The roofing system used is flexible, expanding and contracting with
the weather,virtually eliminating the risk of leaks. This also comes
with one of the best warranties in the industry – which does
not exclude for ponding water.




4 Responses to “The Perfect Fit for Metal Retro-fit…”
  1. Bo Hamby says:

    Nice article. I’m impressed with your commitment to educate your flat roof customers and other roofing companies like myself. Thanks.

  2. Great explanation and solution for metal roofs. The added benefit of the energy efficiency you get from this type of roofing system is always a great way to entice customers as well!

  3. What a great guide to metal roofing. Thanks for the info. I think metal roofs can be the most environmentally friendly roofing system.

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