Flat roofs are beautiful.

    This is one of my favorite photos of our work  with the sun setting into the mountains of East Tennessee from the vantage point of a flat roof.  This single-ply PVC membrane roofing system was an excellent choice for this facility as well.  The problems the business experienced with the past roof were … Continue reading

Life-Cycle Costing

Consumers following the sustainability trend may miss the mark. Even the most energy-efficient roof can prove to be a poor decision if it exhibits decreased longevity or high maintenance costs.  With the current economic state, building owners may only look at the initial up-front costs. Consumers need to look at the actual life-cycle cost of … Continue reading


Alligatoring is the term used to describe the roof condition pictured above, mainly because it looks very similar to an alligator’s hide.  Appearing on smooth-surfaced built-up membrane roofs, the shrinking and cracking of the surface bitumen is often due to ultraviolet radiation and the subsequent embrittlement of the membrane.  Alligatoring also occurs on some coatings. … Continue reading

Why are PVC roofs so special?

Initially introduced in Europe in the 1960s, PVC roofing systems have experienced significant growth. Currently, approximately 65% of the European commercial roofing market is comprised of PVC roofs. PVC is increasing in popularity in the United States – being the first single-ply roofing product to obtain a standard designation from the American Society for Testing … Continue reading