Flat roofs are beautiful.




This is one of my favorite photos of our work  with the sun setting into the mountains of East Tennessee from the vantage point of a flat roof.  This single-ply PVC membrane roofing system was an excellent choice for this facility as well.  The problems the business experienced with the past roof were completely eliminated. The skylights shown in the background are tubular, and designed to mount perfectly with this system, dramatically reducing the risk of leaks and providing natural light for the employees.  A little sunlight goes a long way. All of the penetrations are securely flashed, and simply installing this type of roof reduced the risk of leaks by 85% because of the prefabrication process.  Ponding water is also not excluded by the manufacturer’s warranty – which came free, with coverage for consequential damage.  The best part? Satisfied clients who feel good about their roofing system decisions.

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4 Responses to “Flat roofs are beautiful.”
  1. chrisstempel says:

    Beautiful Indeed Great Work!

  2. chrisstempel says:

    Beautiful indeed. Great work!

  3. Bo Hamby says:

    Actually, this flat roof is beautiful, but I’ve seen plenty that are not. Nice work.

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