Parapet Walls…

Often overlooked, parapet walls are an important part of the roofing system. In fact, any penetration or join in the roof is. These are natural weak points and susceptible to leaking. Proper flashing is crucial to leak prevention.  Let’s take a moment to admire the properly flashed parapet wall below.


(This system has been on the roof for a little while. Sadly, debris happens. A regular maintenance schedule will prevent this from becoming an issue.)  Pay attention to what isn’t visible. There are no gaps, no loose seams, no pinholes, no openings to allow moisture to penetrate the roofing system.

Below are images of how parapet wall flashing should not look. (NOTE: The below photos are NOT of the building above.) The gaps, cracking, and separation, regardless of size, all allow opportunities for moisture to penetrate the roofing system, causing leaks and damage.






Concerned about the parapet wall on your building? Give LaFerney Commercial Roofing a call: 800-633-3119.

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