Benefits of Cool Roofing

Cools roofs were designed to reflect sunlight, using solar-reflective surfaces to achieve and maintain lower roof temperatures. This reflectance is achieved through alteration of the surface to reflect the visible, infrared, and ultraviolet wavelengths of sunlight. These surfaces are also designed to deliver a high thermal emittance. Cool roofs are no longer limited to white. A variety of colors and some patterns are now available for better aesthetics.


 Benefits include a reduction in energy bills through decreased used of air conditioning, non-air conditioned spaces become more comfortable, roof temperature is decreased which may extend the service life of the roof. Cool roofs have shown to reduce the urban heat island effect, lower peak energy demand for power plants, and reduce power plant emissions (carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides, and mercury) through the reduction of cooling energy use in buildings.

“Now that the roof is installed, and has been for three months, we can see a significant drop in the temperature under the areas where you installed the Duro-Last roof.  Our employees can definitely tell the difference. We were also pleasantly surprised when your completed the project before expected. That has never happened to us before. We felt that your follow-thru on the whole process, from beginning to tned was great.” – Maintenance Supervisor

Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory is researching the link between energy savings and reflective roofing.   “We are studying the radiative cooling benefit of employing reflective roofs in urban settings and what the radiative cooling benefit means to the extent that we would be able to cool the earth,” said Marc Fischer, co-investigator for the study and staff scientist at the lab. Globally, it is feasible the reflective roofs can help cool the Earth through the reflection of solar radiation back into space.

“After personally inspecting our new roofing system, we feel like we have made an excellent choice! Our new roof is appealing to the eye and we are very impressed with the amount of detail that goes into the installation of this roofing system. As promised, our energy costs were lowered which pleases our renters! I am confident that this roof will last well beyond its 15 year factory warranty. LaFerney rates at the top in my book! It is refreshing to work with an organization that puts customer satisfaction and service as its top priority.” – Property Owner

Reflective roofing works by reflection around 80 percent of solar radiation away from the building. Typically 90% of solar radiation is absorbed into a building with a non-reflective roof. The absorption of the radiation increases the temperature inside the building and subsequently the demand on air conditioning units. The higher demand requires more energy and electricity. A reflective roof absorbs 70% less solar radiation.  

” LaFerney “has installed roofs on over 440,000 square feet of our facility. LaFerney installed the Duro-Last roof system on our buildings, which enabled us to decrease the internal inside temperature of the buildings during the summer months.”  – Manager

Energy savings and benefits do vary by climate. To determine if a reflective roof is best for your building, contact LaFerney Commercial Roofing. To estimate energy savings click here:

An “unexpected benefit we received from the Duro-Last roof was cooler temperatures inside of our warehouse. Our warehouse is at least 10-12 degrees cooler with the new roof. This solved a safety issue for our company, of high temperatures inside our warehouse. Now, we don’t have to worry about that problem anymore. Your company (LaFerney) did exactly what they said they were going to do. You handled all the Factory Mutual insurance concerns, and saved our company money. Your crews got in, got the job done, and got out, without any disruption to production.”  – Project Engineer


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