Delivering Solutions that WORK.

Regardless of the type of facility, draw on the experience of LaFerney Commercial Roofing to deliver the optimal solution for your roofing needs. LaFerney focuses only on commercial buildings with low-slope and flat roofs, increasing our expertise. With more than 35 years in business, LaFerney Commercial Roofing is confident in its ability to find the right solution for your roofing needs. Recovery, repair, preventative maintenance, or a new construction, let an expert sales consultant provide a custom solution for your flat or low-slope roof.

LaFerney Commercial Roofing is confident in the roofing systems we install, which come with the best warranties in the industry. An aesthetically pleasing, mechanical attachment option is offered, which virtually eliminates temperature and humidity requirements for installation. An innovative vent system creates negative pressure to protect against wind uplift.

Some challenges extend past the degree of leaks and other roofing problems. LaFerney Commercial Roofing understands these difficulties. LaFerney will propose solutions to meet the needs below and more.

  • Potential downtime
  • Damaged property and equipment
  • Risk of potential closures for repair or roof replacement
  • Potential loss of productivity
  • Risk of problem recurring
  • Corporate goals for fiscal savings, energy conservation, environmental compliance, reduced operational costs, etc. 
  • Safety regulations

LaFerney Commercial Roofing strives to achieve “invisible installation” by minimizing the impact a roofing installation has on daily operations. LaFerney understands the additional cost and frustration caused by unnecessary shut-downs. Installations do NOT include noxious odors, loud noises, excessive heavy machinery, or major disruptions to daily operations. Phased installation is also available to help meet budgetary concerns.


Let Our Experience Work for You. 


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