Damage from Straight Line Winds


Straight line winds, such as those in today’s warning for the Morristown, TN area, do pose a risk to your flat roof.  The damage from these winds generally occurs in one direction – a straight path – and can potentially be more severe than that of a tornado. Roofs can be at risk for wind uplift and the force from these winds can result in broken seals and loosened fasteners. These gaps can compromise the integrity of your roof and provide openings for moisture to penetrate the roofing system with the potential to cause leaks. Additional risks to your roof are falling items (trees, electrical wires, etc). High profile vehicles, trailers, and out buildings are at risk of being overturned. The proximity of these items to a larger building can increase the risk of damage. 
Objects falling on your roof can pose serious safety threats. We STRONGLY encourage you to NOT go on your roof should this occur. If you must view the damage, please try to do so from a properly secured ladder, or a window from another building. Again, damage from falling objects is best left to be evaluated by a trained professional.
If an electrical line has fallen, PLEASE avoid this area and call your utility provider. Do NOT attempt to move this line yourself. 

LaFerney Commercial Roofing offers flat and low-slope roof evaluations at no cost. Our emergency repairmen are on call 24 hours. Our expert service extends throughout the Southeastern United States.  We are the calm after the storm. 

Call 800-633-3119 or visit www.laferney.com for more information. 


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